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Murder Mystery Weekends

These events are held in a good quality friendly hotel in the South West of England and are always full of fun, laughter and horrible happenings.

Dressing in the theme of the weekend is welcomed but not obligatory. All our dramas differ; for example “An Utterly Beastly Murder” is set in the Roaring Twenties:  “A Killing Reunion at St Fanny’s” is an opportunity to dig out your gym slips and jolly hockey sticks whilst the “Pantomurder” speaks for itself (oh no it doesn’t!)  

The weekend commences with a Welcome Reception at 7pm on Friday, which is when you first meet the characters. It continues throughout the evening and the next day, finishing after the epilogue at about 10pm on Saturday night.  The cast will remain in character the entire time, so whenever or wherever you meet them, they will be available for interrogation.

At 7.30pm on the Friday, a scene is performed introducing all the characters and the dastardly plot. Then, after a pause to recharge the “little grey cells“ and an excellent dinner, relax (if you can) and enjoy the second half of the drama.

Be Assured that, during the evening, a murder will be committed.  With a killer at large, you are now the detectives in a murder enquiry. Suspicion and ulterior motives at every turn. Can you remain cool-headed, solve the mystery and unmask the murderer?   Interrogate the performers (now suspects) and examine the clues.  Make sure you can tell your red herrings from your wild geese but don’t panic! you have until Saturday evening to find the mysterious murderer.  

At 11am on Saturday, detectives may briefly abandon sleuthing to let their hair down and join the company in a hilarious musical interlude in the theme of the weekend. Saturday afternoon is given to well earned leisure time. Detection recommences in earnest over pre-dinner drinks and continues until after dinner.  

Following final questioning and bureaucratic police paperwork, two triumphant detectives will emerge as the prize winner and runner up. For those still completely mystified, the Epilogue will reveal all.  

After enjoying breakfast on Sunday morning, exhausted and exhilarated, all sleuths must return to the real world – no doubt vowing to repeat the weekend experience at the earliest opportunity.

But don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients say:

 Cottage Hotel 2008: ”The ‘Murders Assured’ team entertain our guests in March with a ‘murder weekend’, each year a different plot – we can’t wait for the next! All the cast are so professional, it is so much fun!!

26/11/08: "The Murder Mystery Weekend at Saunton Sands Hotel was great fun. We're looking out for the next one" - Sue and Phyllip

"We attended Woolacombe Bay Hotel for 8 years. Never successful but we will "crack it"        - Barbara and David Childs Hopkins

(Left - mouse over to enlarge) : "photo from our extremely enjoyable weekend at Hope Cove." - Tony Kent

If you have a venue and would like to arrange your own murder mystery weekend,

please contact us.

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